Yeti Handicraft Nepal

Offer: All proceeds from the sale of these cat beds are donated to ZenByCat.  No code required.

Both the Cat Caves and Cat Mats are hand-made by a group of Nepalese women using 100% sheep wool imported from New Zealand. Through several processes the raw wool is transformed  into balls of white wool which are then soaked in natural dyes to create the beautiful colors.  These cat caves and cat mats are both comfortable and beautiful and your cats will love them.   Help these hard working craftswomen, help ZenByCat's efforts to end FIP, and get a cool cat cave or cat mat.  Win Win Win

In her own words the company founder Shreejana Shrestha describes her company and its mission:

Yeti Handicraft Nepal is a company of quality giving company, which is situated in Kathmandu city of Nepal. It started to work basically since 2005 . But was registered in 2011 under the rules of government of Nepal . It’s a manufacturing, supplying and exporting company of all kinds of handmade wool felt goods . Quality productions is our motto . We try to give satisfaction to our clients. We use 100% sheep wool and Azo free dyes , which is imported from Newzealand . All of our felt crafts supplies are handmade in Nepal using eco friendly productions process. Cat caves , dog beds , cat and do toys, shoes , dryer balls, ball rugs , decorative items , Christmas items , accessories, hats , bags , purses , baby toys , and many more felt goods are produced here . 

   Story behind the products , these handmade productions have been prepared by uneducated women artisans . Their livelihoods have been sustained from the sales of these products and it gives us immense pleasure to showcase the artwork of the group of talented Nepalese women artisans. The main feature of the company is to provide chance to work if even  workers are uneducated and to encourage them for self depend  . so that , they are happy to work here and earn money for their financial support in family .  Most of the workers of our company are uneducated and without deprive of education it is not possible to live standard life . Our company leads to the group to live easy life by providing skilled and training programs of all kinds of handmade felt products with free of cost .