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Cats obsession! Hello! We are Daniela and Heinz from Vienna/Austria / Europe, and call us Kami Cat Cat Art. For some years now we have been producing funny, original "Katzen Kunstwerke". So we decided to open this webshop to make our products public;) Pendulum clocks, wall clocks, acrylic paintings, linoleum prints, ... and who knows what we will come up with in the future;) Each article is a lovingly handcrafted / painted unique. With your order, you order us to produce the desired artwork especially for you, according to the respective image. However, we also offer art prints on linen, as well as printed shoulder bags with some of our designs. A selection of watches / pictures from our workshop can always be found in the fifth district, in the 1.WIENER KATZENAMBULANZ, Margaretenstr. 55th