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Kitangle boxes are high sided purposely for more effective urine containment.  High sides are a specific and desired design feature that helps large cats, “leg-lifting” cats, and gericats with mobility issues.  There is less odor in your home related to the modern design of the boxes.  No more leakage from connecting parts and no more urination over the sides of the box.  These design features combined with the use of a scoopable litter all help with easier cleaning of the boxes and a better smelling home overall.

    Kitangle products were designed to be in plain view within your home, and, to NOT look like a litter box.  They match with modern bathrooms, laundry rooms, and even multipurpose spaces for those living in a condo or small apartment.  Kitangle boxes are designed to fit into small spaces, into corners, and along walls nicely despite being larger boxes.  Simply put, you get great style for your home along with a high quality, easy to use litter box for your pet.

     Lastly, most cats enjoy privacy in the litter box and they want to be out of sight. But, if your cat prefers a more open environment, the lid is totally optional.  Our unique design feature allows you to lift the top off if desired.  The modern angular design still looks nice in your home with the top removed. As a side note, Kitangle boxes can also be used for other indoor pets such as small dogs, rabbits and ferrets.

All purchases of Kitangle litter boxes listed below generate a donation to ZenByCat