Kitty Town Coffee

Offer:  Kitty Town Coffee will donate 15% to ZenByCat for each purchase of Smokey Coffee.   Enter the coupon code FIPWarrior (case sensitive) at checkout to let them know you heard about the coffee through ZenByCat.  Please visit Kitty Town Coffee and check out Smokey's story and his coffee.  

COUPON CODE:  FIPWarrior (case sensitive)

On a coffee lover's journey, far too many stop short of discovering the beauty of a freshly roasted cup of well prepared coffee. 

Every coffee roaster has a different philosophy. Our's is simple: good coffee for everyone. That means our coffee is fresh and our coffee tastes like coffee... just a little better. Our coffee also comes at a price you can afford, so you can enjoy our coffee every single day.

The inspiration for our cat theme was our first cat, Sydney. She was a stray who came to our doorstep one cold night in October of 2014. The two of us were inseparable right away. As a stray she needed a home, but what we didn't realize at the time was that we needed her more. She taught us to take care of ourselves.

In 2016 we adopted Albert. Sydney taught him everything she knew and the two of them completely took over the house. That's when our house got the nickname, Kitty Town.  As we started to make plans to turn our coffee roasting hobby into a business Sydney passed away. When we lost her we knew that we had to start Kitty Town for her. Part of our mission as a company is to find ways to partner with and support the efforts of local animal shelters to make sure that special kitties like Sydney can always find a home.

At Kitty Town, we believe in supporting our community and doing things right. We pride ourselves in being a brand that is easy to connect with. We create high quality coffees and offer them at a price that you can afford, because that's the right thing to do.