Update on GC376 and EVO984/GS441524 and when they might be available to treat FIP

Posted by Peter Cohen on

After hearing from several researchers following my post of a couple weeks ago, I wanted to amend my blog posted May 18 titled Making Progress Against FIP:

I want to share some really encouraging news on the fight against FIP.   Researchers at UC Davis and Kansas State University/University of Wichita have completed laboratory and field testing on two different antivirus drugs.   One is a protease inhibitor (GC376) and the other is an RNA transcription inhibitor (EVO984/GS441524).   Both drugs show great promise in curing cats of non-neurologic wet and dry FIP.   The efficacy of GS441524 in treating neurologic FIP is now currently being studied.  While both of these drugs are being moved forward for ultimate commercialization, the next phase is of unknown duration.   The hope is that one or both drugs will be available to veterinarians within 2 years.   This time is needed to get FDA approval and production for the drug in place and there could still be delays.   That said, this is the most optimistic researchers have ever been about an effective treatment for FIP.

There are also several other drugs in the pipeline that could possibly be given by other routes or cross into the brain and spinal cord at higher levels.  If these drugs show promise in research studies, more field trials like the ones for GC376 and EVO984 will be needed.   Funding for these new trials is now the priority and that is where money raised by ZenByCat and others is desperately needed.   We also need to learn more about how to prevent FIP in the first place so that no kittens or cats will have to face this disease again.

This is an exciting time.  The doors have been opened for the cure of all cats that develop FIP and there is a need to expand on these truly historic breakthroughs.   Please start or continue your support of meaningful research on FIP wherever it is being done.

What this means is all of us who are working to end FIP need to redouble our efforts to encourage people to donate money.   A cure is now within reach and will come.   Every day we can shorten that process will save countless cats and humans from the ravages of this horrific disease.    Please do not grow numb to the endless requests for help in this fight and check out all the ways you can help at Help Save Cat Lives.   Thank you.